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At Texas A&M, Prof. Pentzer teaches in both the Materials Science & Engineering and Chemistry departments. She incorporates active learning methods into teaching and focuses on starting with first principles. At Case Western Reserve University, Prof. Pentzer taught organic chemistry at the undergraduate and graduate levels.



The Pentzer lab actively engages younger generations and the general public through outreach efforts and events. Annually, group members participate in the TAMU chemistry open house, and at CWRU the group ran an annual hands-on experiment through the Cleveland Public Library on hydrophobicity and hydrophilicity.



Prof. Pentzer and the Pentzer lab actively engage in mentoring the next generation of the STEM workforce. Commonly, postdocs and graduate students mentor undergraduate and high school students. Prof. Pentzer also helps facilitate a chemistry PhD student professional development workshop, supported through an NSF CAREER award,  participates as a mentor in an annual NSF sponsored Future Faculty Workshop, and helps organize symposia at national conferences.